Our Corporate Department:

Kelli Hardy, Renata Pavan and Jordan Lynch

Kelli Hardy, Renata Pavan and Jordan Lynch loves working with business travelers and will strive to exceed your every travel need. So if it is a flight, hotel, transportation, or even a meeting scheduled, she is happy to plan all aspects of the trip. Kelli Hardy, Renata Pavan and Jordan Lynch works with companies to assist them with their meeting and incentive travel plans.

Call Kelli Hardy, Renata Pavan and Jordan Lynch with your travel plans and either she will work with you or refer you to one of the other well trained and experienced staff members. The service at Aladdin Travel is exemplary. We know we will earn your business, so give us a try.

Our Corporate Department has had one over-riding objective for the past 28 years: to provide the best possible service with the lowest possible fares. This is accomplished by a combination of the latest advanced technology and highly experienced travel counselors.

1. Our experienced Corporate Specialists know how to put the most cost-effective itineraries together. This is accomplished by carefully matching the traveler's requirements with every reasonable travel alternative. We are not satisfied until we have provided our traveler with the lowest cost alternative that will meet the traveler's and company's needs.

2. Our Corporate Specialists use our unique computer programs which allow us to obtain the lowest possible fares. Our computer programs have the ability to quickly research every available posted web fare, as well as Consolidator fares, when appropriate. We, thereby, save travelers not only significant travel dollars, but significant amounts of time as well. (Can you imagine how time consuming it would be if you had to search every available web site for fare pricing?) We do it for you in minutes, and then we put together the best itinerary for you.


3. We make certain that all fares booked are consistent with your company's travel policies. When travelers from your company contact us for travel, we work with them to find the most efficient, cost-effective itinerary, always consistent with your company's policies.

We can provide travel management reports so that you will have current control over travel expenses and budgets. These reports will be customized for your individual requirements.

4. We provide 24/7 reservation services for all your travelers. You can make reservations, change reservations, and get advice at any time with one toll-free phone call. We E-mail all of your itineraries to you before we ticket them. You can then go online and use "mytripandmore" to access and see any changes made or flight schedule changes. This also gives you the opportunity to check in online for your flights.

5. We are able to offer your travelers significantly discounted pricing on hotels, cars, vacation packages and many more reservations.

6. We are expert at helping put together Corporate Meetings. We can coordinate travel, book hotel rooms, coordinate meals, entertainment and speaker arrangements or anything else that is needed to make for a successful meeting.

We will conduct Travel Seminars at your offices to discuss ways to make your company travel more cost effective and productive. These seminars are run by our President and are at no cost to our customers.

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